Miniatures and Wargaming Blogs

If you want a good blog on role-playing miniatures, wargaming or modeling, then any of the ones listed below are a good place to start. There is a huge variety of material here ranging from tutorials and advice to people simply showing off their handiwork. They are not restricted to fantasy miniatures either. SF and pulp miniatures are there plus historical models from every period and in a range of sizes from 6mm to 40mm.

One thing that is notable in these miniatures blogs is that they are updated a lot less often than their counter-parts in amongst the pure RPG blogging world. This is not surprising given the time it must take to create some of these models. The detail and quality of some of the work is stunning.


  • bonemaster says:

    Thanks for the list. I’ve been needing a list for a while.

    bonemaster´s last blog post..Winged Tiger

  • Mik says:

    Great list, there’s some great resources in there. Thanks for putting Mik’s Minis with such company!

  • Danny Wilde says:

    good afternoon…I have a new wargaming blog in the ACW period,
    also constructing buildings and houses, terrain building,special lighting effects and photography. If you wish to add this blog to your list it would be apprieciated.
    Thank you
    General Wilde

  • Drew says:

    Great list and was really have to Stumble Upon it. Just recently started a Fantasy Miniature Blog and excited to see that their is so much more out their to inspire me. How do I get my blog added to your list?

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