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D&D is Doomed (But Not Just Yet)

The fourth part of the D&D Carnival – This time focusing on it the game’s future. “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero” The simple truth is that D&D, the product and the brand, will one day disappear. Long before that, it will be unrecognisable to anyone who is […]

Amazon Unfail and the Power of Mobs

Amazon seems to be recovering from their large fail over the weekend (see Amazon Fail). The root cause of the problem (according to Amazon) was a mistake by a French employee who incorrectly updated some 50,000 items in the global Amazon database. There is some suggestion that there was confusion between terms like “erotic” and […]

What if 4e was Free?

So you are the Head of D&D at Wizards. Fourth edition has not been the massive success that was hoped for with many fans sticking to 3.5 or worse, going to 4e and switching back. D&D Insider was a year late and is still missing major features. Your business model is based on selling lots […]

Strap Yourself into the Bucket Seats and Hang On

As we bring you this week’s bumper bucket of blogging. 4e continues to cause contention as Unnatural 20 claims Skill Challenges, Unnecessary and Problematic and Living Dice wants to Bring Back Tripping in 4th Edition! but Uncle Bear argues System Matters, Old School & 4th Edition. The Heros of Fallcrest has a different problem causing […]

DnD News – A Little Bit Suspect

Wizards have launched a D&D newsletter and is encouraging fans to sign-up for it. It has some strange set-up where you can be a party leader, and invite other people to join, or a henchman, someone who was invited to join. Is this some awkward attempt to make signing to the newsletter “like a D&D […]

A Finger-Licking Good Bucket of Links

There has been some top class blogging this week with analysis, review and comment on 4e, retro-gaming, WotC and more. All of which can be found in this week’s bucket. Top Ten D&D Monsters from The Dwarf & The Basilisk The Core Mechanic continues it excellent coverage of Hasbro and WotC with D&D Insider: Where […]

Wizards Shutdown Web Site

Wizards have sent a Cease & Desist order to Emass-web.com and the site now reads I’m sorry to inform you that this site is no more. Wizards of the Coast asked me to take it down, and I complied. I’m sorry for all the fans who will miss it – I will miss it, too […]